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Given the diversity of subject matter, I tried to think of a workable way of organizing the topics. For most titles and categories I emphasized what may be the key word and then alphabetized according to it. Hope it works.

Christian Thoughts on Relativity and Quantum--Ongoing Series

How to do Apologetics

Some of my Journal Articles

The Overthrow of Athaliah

Jesus : The Avatar I Never Knew 

My Books

Calvinism: Celebration of God's Grace

Camels in the Ancient Near East

Thoughts on Camus

Issues in Catholicism

To the East Coast and the Far East--Cherokee-Thailand-Singapore  

Genesis in Chinese Characters 

Thinking of Diwali

Egypt: The Eighteenth Dynasty

Thoughts on the Problem of Evil

On Evolution 

Socialism, Communism, ... and Fascism

Understanding Hegel


HTML Codes for Logic

Groups of Islam

Musings on Israel

Judges-A Patchwork on Chronology

To Kansas and Back! Mostly on Native Americans

Krishna and Christ 

Crises and Responses: New Testament Life Situations

The Magi

The Absence of the Bloggist   (Story)

Taiwan and the Emergent Buddhist Temple

How to Do Theology

Theologians of the 60's and 70's

Videos on my YouTube channel

YogaYoga: Clarifications based on Classical Sources


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